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One defining feature that makes Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci stand out in comparison to other schools is the collaborative nature of all its students who work together under one campus. Every year, student union officers are elected and represent students from the three schools (Business, Engineering, Internet and Multimedia). Students know how to let loose and relax; there is a strong social network that organizes student trips, outings and nights out. The rich and dynamic student led organizations (rugby, dance, sailing etc.) help students become more mature and develop social skills that will prove to be useful in their future professional careers.


association étudiante humanitaire

ADA (Aider, Donner, Agir – Help, Give, Act) is a charitable organization in Paris.

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De Vinci Conférence


The debating club at Pôle Universitiare Léonard de Vinci helps to develop the students’ critical thinking skills and foster a dialogue with political figures and businessmen.

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Devinci Junior


The ‘Junior Business’ association is the only one in the business district of La Defense. Since 2004, we have offered students the opportunity to collaborate on projects with companies and get advice from partner businesses.

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Vinci Eco’Drive


The aim is to promote student participation in the SHELL ECO MARATHON, a motor race that sees 200 motor groups from Europe and Africa gather every year at Rotterdam, among which compete more than 3000 students.

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LéoVoile (sailing)


Created in 2001, members of the sailing club wear the DeVini colours out on the seas every year.

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LéoRugby is the rugby club at Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci. Our aim is to unite students who are passionate about the sport and those who want to support our two teams throughout the year.

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Our association is intended for students of the 3 schools. We carry out surveys and polls, and write reports.

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I-Spirit enables Erasmus students to integrate into campus life. French students help them with any personal or administrative problems throughout their period at the school.

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We are an association that wants to share good cuisine and try new dishes. We organize culinary events throughout the year where students can try a variety of food from around the world.

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Relatively new, Léovolley is intended for students passionate about volleyball. Sound good? Take the opportunity to help us to establish a name for ourselves and evolve!

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Slide Session


Slide Session organises ski trips every year as well as evening events (e.g. ice skating), raclettes dinners, wakeboarding trips, etc

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The aim of our association is to promote sustainable development through a series of events organised throughout the year. We set up energy recovery systems: used batteries, aluminuim cans, plastic bottle tops, etc.

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Comedia Da Vinci


This is an opportunity for students to participate in acting classes (with a play at the end of the year) and short films (sketches filmed by members of the club).

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LKW – Léo King’s Walker


Dance. All varieties : break, pop, lock, krumping, dancehall, dumbolo, salsa, rock as well as choreographed styles.

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Musique Mix


Musique Mix unites musicians from the Pôle, beginners and professionals, student or staff. The aim is to establish a small music studio on campus.

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The Pôle’s photography club. The association films and photographs a large part of the sports events and ensures that student events receive media coverage.

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association arts martiaux

This is a Mixed Martial Arts Association that aims to promote martial arts on campus. We organise taster sessions for beginners to encourage a collaborative team spirit.

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The EAGLES are an American football team at the school. Our objective: help students discover American Football, join a university team and compete in French championships.

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Our objective: help students discover the world of motor sports and enjoy the thrills associated.

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Motivated and ambitious students organize events throughout the year such as paintballing, bungee jumping, Laser Quest, skydiving, and the Edhec student sailing race.

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This sports association is intended for students who are passionate about basketball. The goal is to unite students to train together and compete with other teams on campus.

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This student led sports association was created in 2012 to unite all Handball fans and players on campus. Speed, contact, jump and shoot…handball for everyone!

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This association is intended for students who are passionate about horse riding and want to create events so that people can find out more about our passion, at an amateur or competition level.

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The football club organises football tournaments both on a pitch and in game play. We also have partnerships with organisations that help homeless people and cancer patients.

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This is a cheerleading squad with about 15 members. The main aim to provide support and motivation for sports teams at the Pôle (rugby, football, basketball, etc.).

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