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Associative life gives students the opportunity to develop their behavioural qualities within the framework of a voluntary and optional commitment, but supported by the school and which can be valued by a mark. voluntary and optional commitment, but supported by the school and which can be rewarded by a mark.

Cooperation and transversality

The associations are “transversal”: they welcome members of the three schools of the Pôle Léonard de Vinci. They encourage EMLV students to collaborate with more “engineering” or more “digital” oriented profiles, profiles freely chosen as associative partners

The richness of the associative experience allows students to acquire maturity and to forge social links that will be useful throughout their career. They are supervised by the student life department, which has a team that leads, structures and evaluates the management of student associations.

A supported and structured commitment

  • Time freed up on the teaching schedule
  • Bonuses granted to the most active
  • Dedicated premises and resources
  • Compulsory training for the leading members…

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More than 300 events take place every year on campus. Theme days, competitions, trips, parties… give everyone the opportunity to get involved. The network of associations at the Pôle covers all the fields present in higher education: humanitarian, cultural, sports, scientific, technical, etc.


The associations in video

More than 50 student associations

They present themselves, in video!

When student associations are asked to present themselves in less than 3 minutes!

More about the student associations of the Pôle Léonard de Vinci

Photos and videos of events, news, and a complete list of associations and their leading members!

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Latest association news (in french)

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