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Exchange programmes

EMLV Graduate School of Management is organized according to a 3+2 structure with 3 years of Undergraduate studies followed by a 2-year Graduate programme. Students obtain a state accredited Master degree upon completion of 300 ECTS credits (5 years). Courses are taught in French or in English and are available here. Exchange students have access to all courses provided they have a B2 level in the relevant language of instruction.

  • At Undergraduate level, all 3rd year courses (semesters 5 and 6) are taught in English.
  • At Graduate level, most courses in Marketing and Sales (semesters 7 and 8), Controlling and Information Systems (CGSI – semester 8), Marketing and digital sales (semester 9), Digital Marketing Strategy (semester 9), Corporate finance (semester 9) are also taught in English.

Please note :

  • You must fill in a learning agreement before semester starts
  • It is not possible to pick up courses from various semesters, from various years nor majors.
  • Class attendance is mandatory.


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