The 4 Signs You’re a Digital Leader at Heart

Businesses worldwide have finally embraced the need for solid digital leaders, and hiring an executive position for such a relatively new role goes beyond picking candidates with digital fluency. Instead, it’s about seeing them from the other side of the screen: are they willing to take risks? And do they have the international perspective to lead a digital transformation with both numbers and creative thinking?

For any aspiring digital leader, here are the five signs that say they’ve got what it takes to compete and establish themselves as agents of a digital revolution.

A/B Testing is not Just Digital: Are You Willing to Experiment?

Being a leader in the digital world is the furthest from a comfort zone. Nonetheless, a sign that you fit this type of leadership profile is that you have a good risk-taking appetite and don’t easily get carried away by temporary setbacks or shy away from challenges. The will to experiment and constantly customize to the littlest details for each client or even your own company is a big sign that you see obstacles as opportunities and know deep down that on a bigger scale, efforts will pay off and ultimately have an impact beyond a business to affect societies and economies.

Successful digital leaders see a future beyond the status quo.

 You Understand How Technology is Transforming Society….

 … And let it help you translate into a real business and societal impact. The second sign of a digital leader is the ability to see trends and translate them to the culture and people concerned.  You must have an open mind and the will to adapt after some deep social listening in order to prioritize the customer experience.  Successful tech leaders think of the customer first before focusing on the latest technological solution and that is why you intrinsically use data and numbers, not just the technology to create a wholesome experience rather than just a selling proposition. 

A Digital Leader with a Global Perspective

If great minds think alike it means we’re all connected on a deeper level that could inspire the way we work on an international scale. Starting with networking, conferences, and webinars, even participating in events and summits to connect, learn, and share experiences. Building meaningful connections with other industry leaders will absolutely help in the long run. It’s about seeing beyond the competition, and having the maturity to share visions that expand beyond the geographical limitations in order to elevate leaders that can stand tall no matter where they end up on the map…

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Back to Basics: Yes, Tech-Savviness Still Counts!

 After going big, we’re now going home. Starting from the bottom, having proper digital literacy is having the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share and create content using information technologies and the internet. Just as being technical is important, acquiring the learning fundamentals to be critical, creative, and communicative is just as crucial. Needless to say that the marketing, business, and financial trends, best practices, and platforms are always changing and growing, so a true digital leader knows that there’s always room for learning and staying up-to-date.

In fact, the more you learn and stretch your knowledge, the steadier is your digital marketing strategy and forecasts. If you think beyond the tools and dive into the story behind your tactic, trust that you’ll develop curiosity like no other to try new approaches and discover different ways of expanding your concepts and have better control over risks in general.

Why Master in Management Programme at EMLV?

By joining the Master in Management programme, you will take part in a unique experience, preparing you to become a global manager ready to innovate and manage complex challenges. EMLV’s Master in Management is:

  • Recognized by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research (“Visa Bac+5” and “Grade de Master”)
  • RNCP certified (“Répertoire National des Certification Professionnelles”)
  • EFMD Master accredited in recognition of its excellence at the international level
  • Ranked among the best 25 Master in Management in France
  • member of “Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE)” in France

Career Opportunities for a Digital Leader

As leadership takes many forms, the MiM programme offers a wide range of employment opportunities in a multidisciplinary and international environment, with leading roles such as:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • International Business Developer
  • Fund Accountant
  • Revenue Analyst
  • Financial Consultant
  • Business Performance Analyst
  • Financial Planning Analyst
  • Head of International Sales


 Are you ready to lead the digital transformation and stand out in a changing world?

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