Study in France: EMLV Welcomes International Students Back to Campus

Welcome back to campus for the 2021-22 academic year at the EMLV Business School in Paris! At Orientation Week, MiM, MSc and MBA students kicked off the new year with a full on-campus program aimed at helping them make the best out of their study abroad experience in France.

After two years of mostly hybrid learning, international students at EMLV are getting back into the swing of in-person campus life. An entirely new experience for MSc & MBA students, class of 2021, discovering a new multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community of students, faculty, staff and corporate partners at Pole Leonard de Vinci Higher Education cluster in Paris.

To help new students adapt to the environment in Paris, EMLV has put together a week of exciting and safe events both on- and off-campus: there were presentations on the student life and organizations at Pole Leonard de Vinci, sessions on administrative tasks (accommodation, social security, bank account, local transport), a kick off-campus tour and convivial lunches and dinners in Paris.

Study abroad in Paris: MSc & MBA students find a home away from home

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Coming straight from Washington D.C., Ashleigh kicked off her academic year at EMLV on a happy note. “It’s been an incredible first day. It’s been a great opportunity to meet people from all different countries and nationalities and backgrounds.

I truly love that this international business programme isn’t just international in writing, and that it’s actually international in practice as well as you see from the students that are here today.”

“The staff is very cool and everything is better than I expected. I long to go through my year at EMLV and I’m thrilled that I chose this school”, says Gizem from Turkey, MSc International Business. “They have given us a lot of useful pieces of information, and we had a tour all around the campus”, Samuel from Cameroun says. It’s his first time in Paris, and Juan, originally from Colombia,  seems to love his new home and life in France. “It has been amazing to be in Paris at EMLV. I’m excited about this new adventure”.

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