Yves Ach, Head of the MSc International Finance, at the Knowledge Immersive Forum

Yves Ach, Head of the MSc International Finance at EMLV, was a speaker at the KIF Knowledge Immersive Forum, the first-ever worldwide event on new digital and immersive technologies.

Dubbed “Re: Birth”, the first edition of the “Knowledge Immersive Forum“, held in early September at the Centre Pompidou in Metz, focused on interactive and immersive digital experiences and the economic models related to these technological advances. The programme of this international forum featured more than 24 round tables and 100 speakers: professionals, artists, industrialists, citizens…

Yves Ach, head of the MSc International Finance at EMLV and a certified auditor, discussed the impact of creative industries as new value creation chains.

The keys to creating value in digital & creative businesses

“How do immersive technologies create value for companies? ” That is the question Yves Ach tried to answer, interviewed by Alexandre Michelin, president of the Digital Experience Fund commission of the National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image (CNC).

“The real question is the creation of value and how to capitalise on immersive technology,” said Yves Ach. “This value creation must be safeguarded, protected and promoted.”

The first step, recognition, is through creating awareness of this capital. Then, it is about the whole process that allows the company to develop, expand the existing process, sustain the company over time, develop its projects, get the financial resources to carry out these projects, and, finally, create value.

French Tech and immersive technologies: a fast-growing market

Concerning the creation of value around experiences and creative works in France and the positioning of French Tech in relation to the US ecosystem, for Yves Ach, the rise of “French-style” digital creation is just a question of time.

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“Why do the Americans venture out into the immersive arena? I think they are a little bit more advanced than us and, in reality, they have a different vision of entrepreneurship and launching new business ventures.”

They can look at the industry differently than you might imagine; an example is the film industry. In virtual and augmented reality, in immersive technology, we see the same phenomenon: it’s a new emerging industry, a source of new products that will be leveraged and will create value.”

“We are well set up. However, we must not go in for French “bashing” either, Yves Ach continued. We have talent, competent engineers, creators, and France is renowned for this wealth. It is, therefore, a market that is targeted.

There is fierce competition around the financing of French companies in this creative and digital environment. I can cite multiple transactions in this regard: Unity, which bought Pixyz; Shopify, which bought Primer; Chanel, which launched a virtuality process around a “lip scanner”.

“Also in the beauty industry, L’Oréal has been able to position itself on a virtual make-up market and launched Signature Face, a virtual make-up mobile application. So, the market is here”, concluded Yves Ach.

Know-How and drive for innovation are two fundamental notions of the MSc International Finance at EMLV. Taught 100% in English, this programme covers a wide range of professions: financial manager, financial analyst, internal auditor, partner in consulting firm, partner in investment banking, and so on.

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