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De Vinci Research Center (DVRC)

The De Vinci Research Center (DVRC) combines research capabilities from all three schools of Léonard de Vinci; the School of Management (EMLV), The School of Engineers (ESILV) and the Institute of Internet and Multimedia (IIM). The research center is made up of four groups of study which include business, digital, finance, and modeling, as well as a service dedicated to partnership research. Each group is made up of researchers from one or several schools.

Digital Group

Director : Nicolas Travers

The main points of interest of this group include the broadcasting of digital uses, Big Data, the representation of knowledge, predictive marketing, artificial intelligence, robotics, smart objects and virtual characters. This research has proven extremely beneficial in presenting the impacts of digital fingerprints left voluntarily by internet users (photos, Trip Advisor comments, etc.), flow modeling, and understanding consumer behavior.  The research greatly benefits the content of the Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing & Data Analytics programmes

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