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The De Vinci Research Center (DVRC) combines research capabilities from all three schools of Léonard de Vinci; the School of Management (EMLV), The School of Engineers (ESILV) and the Institute of Internet and Multimedia (IIM). The research center is made up of four groups of study which include business, digital, finance, and modeling, as well as a service dedicated to partnership research. Each group is made up of researchers from one or several schools.

Business Group

Director :  Fernanda Arreola

The Business Group’s research activities focus mainly on four areas: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Sales, International Relations, and Human Resources Management.

The research developed in the area of ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship‘ mainly concerns the management of technological change, research and knowledge creation mechanisms, creativity, impact of digital transformation and consequent business models innovation, economics of entrepreneurship and business creation, and intellectual property management.

The ‘Marketing and Sales’ area focuses on marketing and communication strategies for new products and services, sales and negotiation strategies, audit and control policies in large national and international organizations.

The research streams developed in the area of ‘International Relations‘ mainly deal with the interactions between geopolitical risks and business strategies, the consequences of major political decisions (such as Brexit) as a test of organizational survival and reliability, and the impact of the implementation of EU diplomatic services for organizational studies.

Within the area of ‘Human Resources Management‘, research focuses on the impact of intangible elements such as values, generational and motivational aspects, empowerment in decision-making and management processes, organizational culture, having in the background a broader context of post-modern organizational theory.

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