I Pitch & Meet: an original job fair format dedicated to International Students

On Thursday the 24th, EMLV launched the 2019 edition of I Pitch & Meet, a job fair set up to help international students to find their internship in France.

While it can be very hard to find an internship in France for a non-French speaker, the Corporate Relations Departement of EMLV organised the I Pitch & Meet event to help their insertion into the French and international market. About one hundred 5th year students from MBA and MSc attended the event to improve their pitching skills and meet around 20 different companies representatives.

I Pitch and Meet: the place to get noticed by companies representatives

International students from more than 25 different countries were asked to prepare a three minutes pitch in English for the field or the company that they had chosen among the one selected by EMLV like Alès Group, Alten, Avanade, Axa, Bertrandt, Data&Data Start-up, FinDiT Consulting, GE Healthcare, GFI Informatique, Ingenico, Microsoft / COMEET, Oracle, Palo-IT, Rakuten France, Umanis, Vectaury, etc.

“The I Pitch & Meet was a very good initiative”, says Leandro De Martino, who is majoring in the MSc International Business. “It helped us, International Students, that struggle a bit  more to find internships, to really get in contact with the companies and to feel safe and confident.” The student were then judged by 4 recruiters who gave them a feedback about their pitches and projects.

At the end of the day, they could attend a Networking in which they could chat in a more casual way with the representatives. “Oracle is here today because our team wanted to meet students coming from every country in the world”, explains Vincent Rinner from Oracle. “We wanted to challenge them about their professional career plans. ”

A sneak peek inside the event

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I Pitch and Meet: already a hit!

“A quality event like none other before, that gives us the occasion to meet the young professionals of tomorrow,” says Jean Kanaan, Associate Executive Director of Find it. At the end of the event, roughly 20 students were selected by the representatives and will be called back to enter the recruitment process of those companies.

“The event allows us to find an internship and even a job after our graduation”, says Jad Charif who is majoring in the MSc IB. ” It helps us to make connections with companies.” Vincent Rinner adds that with I Pitch and Meet, Oracle met great profiles that could be very interesting for their company. “We could see that the student knew how to propomte temselves.”

Both the representatives and the international students thought I Pitch and Meet was an excellent idea. The event made the students feel self and secure about their professional lives in France. “Thanks to the EMLV, we know there is a way to find an internship here in France for people from all nationalities.”

With its first edition being such a hit, I Pitch and Meet will surely be renewed next year.

The event’s pictures:

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