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An innovative curriculum to facilitate a successful transition into the workforce

Our philosophy: professional training on the fundamentals of business, commerce and management and striving to build and develop each student’s potential and promote a global outlook. As a key player in his/her own training, each student takes charge of his/her professional future with the support of academics, professional tutors, student alumni and the entire EMLV team.

A unique horizontal approach

Students of Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci not only share a campus but also have access to a number of activities and joint courses offered by the three schools (Business, Engineering, Web Design and Multimedia): specialisations in Entrepreneurship, e-business or Finance, student and sport associations, joint projects. Students from EMLV, ESILV and IIM collaborate in multidisciplinary team work as they would do in a company.

Personal support: learning to be autonomous

Academic faculty professors at the Business School are available to advise students and answer questions. Class attendance is compulsory. Students are allowed a small quota of absences, which they are left to manage responsibly and independently.

A project-based curriculum: learning to work in a team

Students work on specific theme-based projects in conjunction with companies whilst coached by a professor. This is an opportunity to develop skills that are vitally important for future career success: teamwork, the ability to evolve and interact within a team, conflict management, project management problem analysis and resolution, reporting and presenting to an audience.

An interactive curriculum: small teaching groups

The schools approach to learning involves working in small groups in order to facilitate better understanding of course material and foster a more productive dialogue with teachers. Lecture time is limited to communicate only the core information to students and only accounts for 10% of total face-to-face hours.

Sharing common values: respecting a code of conduct

The Business School also advocates a policy of humanistic values: responsibility, honesty, respect for others and their commitments. Students commit to a number of essential values and, when they register, agree to respect the school’s code of conduct.

A well-rounded education is at the heart of our curriculum

Arts and culture are key parts of the Business School’s curriculum. Our aim: to stimulate curiosity and instill in students a thirst for knowledge, as well as make the arts accessible to all.

Our vision of social responsibility

The business school places great importance in the core values of openness and solidarity. During the second year, all students undertake a one-month mission in a humanitarian organization. Furthermore, throughout the program, the school collaborates with associations to help support homeless people, disabled people and High School students in difficult situations.

Sport at EMLV

Sport is an integral part of the curriculum at EMLV. Students can choose from among 20 different sports (at beginner or advanced level). Participation, motivation, a drive to improve, team spirit… The aim is to enhance and develop the student’s personal and professional skills.

The Business School also has a specialized track for elite athletes, allowing them to obtain a Higher Education degree whilst pursuing their sporting career.

A spirit of initiative and business orientation

From the first year onward, students are in close contact with companies. Testimonials, internships, practical training courses, career fairs and professional tutoring encourage a business-minded approach whilst preparing each student for a smooth and successful transition into the workforce.

A focus on entrepreneurship and internationalization are also important elements of our curriculum. This involves work and study abroad, case studies, business incubation projects, support in the creation of startups…


Student Associations – Get Involved

The Business School encourages student participation in campus activities and associations. This is important in promoting autonomy and solidarity. Student-led organizations also help students to take initiative and act responsibly.


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