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10 reasons to study business at EMLV

A fully accredited, state approved 5 year degree

The EMLV degree is accredited by the State as a 5-years degree. The accreditation process is the same for all schools whatever their area of specialisation. The Ministry for Higher Education is very vigilant on the accrediation. This is a proof of the quality of the training delivered by the EMLV.

7 innovative specialisations

Digital Marketing Strategy // Marketing – Innovation // Entrepreneurship  // Corporate Finance – Risk Management // Management Control and Information Systems // Management and Human Resources // Management and Sports Marketing

A tailored program based on the skills and professional objectives of each student

The diversity of the paths and specialisations gives the opportunity to each student to choose the best fit for her or him, based on his/her capabilities and professional project. One-to-one support is provided thank to a good ratio of academics and adminsitrative staff: professors are available; their doors are open!

Collaborative programs with the School of Engineering and the School of Web Design and Multimedia

The Group of schools is organised around shared values: cross fertilisation, professionalisation, internationalisation, social opening, sports and culture. The cross fertilisation is the result of the joint activities between the schools: joint projects, an incubator, associations, sport activities, double degrees,… Managers, Engineers and Designers learning to live and work together beyond the boundaries of their own programs.

A Year Abroad

The third year of the program is dedicated to the international experience: the first semester has to be done in one of our partner universities abroad and for the second semester, students can choose between studying or an internship abroad.

Open mindedness to culture, the arts, and the World

Art and Culture are core topics at EMLV. The aim is generate a discovery and intellectual curiosity among the students.

Sport is compulosry

Practising sport is compulsory: students can choose among 20 different sports (as beginners or for competitions) depending on their level. Involvement, Motivation, Team Spirit… The equipments of the Group, very rare for a Paris campus, make the practice of a sport very easy.

A global network of partner universities, strong links with companies.

With more than 60 partner universities in more than 30 countries, and growing every year, the EMLV international network is large and dynamic. Companies are also very close to the pedagogy, through testimonials, or recruitment forums with more than 100 companies each year.

Rich and varied student Associations

With 28 associations covering many areas, among others, sports, theater, humanitarian activities,.. the association life on campus is sensational! Under the “Leocampus” banner, all the associations animate brillantly the student life on campus.

An active Alumni Network

The EMLV Alumni Association has more than 4000 members in France and abroad. Events are regularly organised, afterworks, conferences,..

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